Cinema La Victoria

Below, La Moda for “Caught Between a Whore and an Angel” fundraiser for the Zapatista women of Chiapas 1996.  Premiere at Regeneracion in Highland Park, California. [Filmed/conceived by Victoria Delgadillo on VHS tape, with no editing]

Below is my director’s cut of LA Woman, part of the “Out of the Window” 1st Transit TV Film Festival on the LA Metro in 2011.  The LA Weekly chose “Out of the Window” as one of the Top 10 Moments of the Year in LA Art for 2011. Read it here.

LA Woman  with music by Astrid Hadad:

Check out an experimental film project “Scotch Tape Cinema” and a little experimental film I made entirely on computer “Votex.” here

See a presentation I made about my art for the “Women in the Americas” conference (2013) click here

“Binoculars,” starring Raul Paulino Baltazar made on my Samsung Restore 2016.

binoculars web from Victoria Delgadillo on Vimeo.


“Remix,” shot in Super 8 (2015)

Tijuana Border 2007 Read more about this video

Border 2007 from Victoria Delgadillo on Vimeo.

Glamour Shots, A transformative store front beauty shop and performance–where you are the star:

Read/see more about Glamour Shots here