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THE WORLD’S GONE BEAUTIFUL with Dorian Wood, 2020 – Pandemic film shot by friends of Dorian Wood.

LA WINTER, 2015 – Film created on Samsung Restore cell phone camera.  Homelessness in Los Angeles.

Báwrdər/BORDER, 2009 – An afternoon at the Tijuana/San Diego border.

SCOTCH TAPE CINEMA AND SOUND, 2015 – Part of a group experimental film project.  We scotch taped paper to clear film strip then ran it through the projector.  Also, we cut and scotch taped cassette music strips in reverse, as the sound track. This was an experiment on creating films without a camera.

FLY, 2016 – Experimental animation study.

SANTA PERVERSA EN CUBA, 2008 – Performance artist Santa Perversa becomes the toast of Cuba in 2008. She shares her blessings for true love at the main plaza in Havana.  The Cuban bought black market cassette music by Los VanVan.

YA ENTRO REMIX, 2015 – Memories of things long ago in Los Angeles, featuring Humberto Terrones Esquivel. Digitized Super 8.

LA MODA, 1996 – Beauty competition–it’s all the rage.  Filmed on a cassette video camera.

CALIFAS, 2018 – Colonialism has never ceased and thus Califas is a mash up, not as something that occurred in the past but rather revealing the threads that expose our current position in California, our need for resistance and our participation in this clash/ cataclysm of cultures.

BINOCULARS, 2017 – Looking over Los Angeles from a hilltop. Filmed on Samsung Restore cell phone video camera.

LA WOMAN, 2011 – Driving in LA.

ASSAULT ON THE DONUT BOX, 2006 – Its all about dessert fetish. Adult content and themes.