Radio Clandestina

In the late 90s, before the internet, social media and texting, revolutionaries connected through ideas, knowledge sharing, struggles and camaraderie via microwave radio.  Such a space existed in Los Angeles, called  Regeneración/Popular Resource Center and its microwave radio station was Radio Clandestina. 

Radio Clandestina’s first sound transmission. Read more.


Radio Clandestina Mission Statement

Radio Clandestina Newsletter  Side 1  Side 2

How to join the station in 1998





Chuck D for President Mission Statement
Turn-on, Tune-in, Tu No?






Chuck D For President Shows were transcribed from cassettes on a lap top. Some shows have lengthy lead-ins (requiring patience), there is a little bit of wonkiness (tapes melting down), and definitely some dead-air (one of the signatures of our show).





Premiere! Chuck D For President “Freedom of Speech Show” (10/21/96) notes

Chuck D For President “Boycott Show” (10/28/96)  show notes

Chuck D For President “Voting Show” (11/4/96) behind the scene notes

Chuck D For President “Thanksgiving Show” (11/25/96)  read show notes

Chuck D For President “Immigrant Stories” (12/9/96)  este cho

Chuck D For President “TV Good or Evil?” Part 1

Chuck D For President “TV Good or Evil?” Part 2  (2/3/97) show notes




(to the right) A cool Radio Clandestina Benefit Show Poster, 1996. $6 entrance fee for all that entertainment!!  Click on the image and check out the line-up.  The Loft! Where the filmmakers “Smokin’ Mirrors” dwelled and  nightly opened it up as a Chicanx artist sanctuary. (We liked that calaca image lots.)




+++++++++++++++La Victoria Hot Sauce Interviews+++++++++++

LVHS interviews DJ Yaqui About Chuck D 4 Prez, 2017

LVHS interviews El Ger about his show In the Mix, 2017

LVHS interviews John Martinez about Radio Clandestina, 2017