About Victoria

Victoria Delgadillo works in various forms of visual art (painting, print, digital art, film), but her main art practice is in engagement and collaboration with collectives and communities through participatory art. She believes that displaying her work in non-traditional community accessible spaces, invites the under-valued audience to participate in the art discourse. 

Self Portrait (cropped), 1993

Delgadillo is an artist and activist graduate from the University of California, San Diego. In 2003, Victoria’s written account on the curatory process for the first international exhibit on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico was published through UCLA press.  For her work on creating public awareness through art, Victoria received awards from the Los Angeles City Council, the University of Sinaloa, Mexico and the Cultural Institute of León, Guanajuato, Mexico. 

In 2009 Victoria received the University of California, San Diego’s Gracia Molina de Pick Feminisms grant. In 2011, she (and a handful of activists) received Self Help Graphics & Art’s first award for saving their print studios and programming from permanent closure.  

As a presenter and panelist, her body of work has been featured on PBS television, National Public Radio, Salon.com, and Duke University’s publication “Museum Frictions: Public Cultures/Global Transformations,” as well as numerous periodicals in the United States and Mexico.  Victoria Delgadillo has exhibited in the USA, China, Scotland, Cuba, France and Mexico.  Her work is in the permanent art collections of the LA County Museum, Laguna Beach Museum, Vincent Price Art Museum, San Diego State University and The National Mexican Art Museum in Chicago, as well as various important Chicano private collections.

Her written work and lectures in art activism are part of the curriculums of the Universities of California at Berkeley/Los Angeles/Riverside, as well as Cal-State Universities Northridge, Los Angeles and San Diego. In 2010, she co-organized an international month of femicide art activism events in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Fort Worth, Quebec, Mexico City, New York, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque with a collaborator in Mexico City and through the use of the internet.

In 2013, Victoria curated a print atelier with the theme of ‘textiles’ at Self Help Graphics and Art.  She was a panelist on themes of art at 2 feminisms conferences in 2013 Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (Women Active in Letter & Social Change) at The Ohio State University and The International Congress of Women In the Americas  (Axe 8 Arts) at the University of Aix Provence, France.