Cinema La Victoria



LA DREAM (Remixed in 2022) starring Humbertone . It is a digitized Super 8 film.                                                   


THE WORLD’S GONE BEAUTIFUL with Dorian Wood, 2020 – Pandemic film shot by friends of Dorian Wood, including Victoria Delgadillo. View it Here!

CALIFAS, 2018 – Colonialism has never ceased and thus Califas is a mash up, not as something that occurred in the past but rather revealing the threads that expose our current position in California, our need for resistance and our participation in this clash/ cataclysm of cultures.  View it here!                 

BINOCULARS, 2016 –  Overseeing LA Industrial lands 

LA MODA, 1996 – Battle of the sexes. View it here Read more about LA MODA