Heart in Hand


2014 has already started off with a bang.  I have been extremely busy (as usual) with the woes of 2013 in a far distance.  Money is coming in for some major projects to be completed.

Strange how getting past worries and believing in a perfect universe–summons the resolution.  I am not lucky, I just have faith in the world and my journey.  Getting caught up in mundane life problems, can become a barrier towards tomorrow.  I see those stumbling blocks in others, as they cannot forgive, forget, release, move-on.

In the past few years and especially the last few months, I see that all matters have a logical resolution.  It does not matter what the problem is, with patient research, networking and dialogue–the answers are there–somewhere close.

Many artists fall by the wayside because they give up on themselves and their destiny.  They do not believe that it is their fate to create art.  There is a silly notion from books and movies that informs us as to what an artist life should be: being born with a “gift” to create art, going to art school, feeling tortured, getting discovered, making lots of money.

In truth, being an artist is not wanting to do any other thing, and not knowing what else to do.  You get lost in creating the work,  doing the research, not thinking of much more.


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