Peel Here Snapshot

(Above) Peel Here 5, a photo from The Dirt Floor Magazine of Victoria Delgadillo’s sticker.

The Dirt Floor was a leading contemporary and underground arts and culture magazine dedicated to surfacing the best of street, underground art, and pop culture in its many forms. Now its a side note here  Sticky Rick curated the Peel Here Adhesive Art exhibit and created Victoria’s sticker from the silk screen print below.

“Vickie (Victoria Delgadillo) always loves a party where the talking is good ’cause the voices  get under her skin just like the funk in the music that makes her body move and her hands follow in a sweet sway in front of her, hands that find their way across a canvas sometimes or destiny’s cards, so they’d tell her where she’s at, though she’s never been no place too long, drifting through age and mind, growing a buddhist’s bud in a shui’ed out potted garden just to see where it takes her, maybe to a psychic surgeon somewhere in San Diego or a third eye convention in space”

..from “snapshots” a series of shorts of my friends by Aida Salazar


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