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In 2007, Georgia Fee and Catherine Ruggles launched what would become a twelve-year commitment to emerging artists, arts writers, and critics. Beginning in LA as a network for local artists, ArtSlant Magazine ultimately expanded to fifteen cities and countries around the world, bringing on board fresh writers, editors, and artists to critique, unpack, reflect on, and generally chronicle art and its engagement with contemporary culture. For nine years, ArtSlant also awarded the ArtSlant Prize, celebrating outstanding work from emerging artists. From 2013 to 2018, ArtSlant hosted a Residency for artists and writers in Paris, founded in honor of Georgia Fee following her passing in 2012.

Georgia Fee helped to advance many with her resources, building open pathways to success in an industry that can be hard to break into. ArtSlant Prize winners had their work evaluated by respected gallerists and curators, and exhibited at art fairs in Miami and New York City. Many have gone on to have major gallery representation and exhibit their artwork widely. Likewise, countless writers cut their teeth in this small company to go on to edit and write for mainstream arts publications, a trajectory that made her very proud.

Archive and legacy

Now the good news! ArtSlant will live on as a resource in the digital archives of the Library of Congress

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress welcomes ArtSlant as important part of [its web archive] collection and the historical record. Initially, the ArtSlant archive will be available to researchers at Library facilities and by special arrangement. After one year, the Library may also make the collection available more broadly by hosting it on its public access website. Learn more about the Library’s Web Archiving program goals here , this is where ArtSlant’s digital archive is stored click here and check out the other numerous web archives

Victoria Delgadillo

Victoria joined the ArtSlant project in 2008, where she maintained a profile page for 10 years. Below are her 34 art images (prints, film stills, multi-media paintings, digital posters, experimental material work, performance concept images, non-traditional sculptures, etching, pen & ink, photos, community project interventions, stickers) that will be inducted into the Library of Congress web digital archive in 2019.

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