This Machine Kills

On November 13, 2016, The Fine Arts Complex in Arizona had protesters at their exhibit This Machine Kills _____, related to post-election drama. On November 14, 2016 the artists were told that the exhibit would come down, due to threats against the gallery.  Read the details here from the one of the curators, April Lilliard-Gomez.

by Robbie Conal

December 2, 2016  Fine Art Complex 1101 announced via that “This Machine Kills ________” would remain on view through December 10 as planned.

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tmk-show-poster-2016November 1 to December 10, 2016, This Machine Kills _____ curated by Ed Gomez, April Lillard-Gomez and Luis G. Hernandez seeks to explore the relationship between art, music and politics during a volatile election cycle. Featuring artists from Arizona, California and Mexico, the exhibition utilizes the historically significant function of protest art as an opposition to technologically prolific forms of media. Most works will consist of propaganda style posters and prints, though there will be several types of media represented. Topics such as election fraud, terrorism, political corruption, economic insecurities, xenophobia and civil rights issues among many others will be explored in an artistic interpretation. The title of the show directly references American folk legend Woody Guthrie’s iconic guitar emblem “This Machine Kills Fascists” itself a protest piece reflecting the musician’s political views. This Machine Kills _____takes place at the Fine Art Complex, 1101 West University Dr. Unit #103, Tempe, Az 85281.

Below is my poster for This Machine Kills . . . . a critique on the media its title is “La Prensa”.

La Prensa, 2016

La Prensa by Victoria Delgadillo

Trump Bully Culprit by Robbie Conal.

Trump Bully Culprit by Robbie Conal.

Phoenix New Times (11/7/16) : “For more than a year now, the national conversation has been dominated by talk of presidential politics. Several artists have been inspired by candidates including Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. Others have addressed hot topics on the political landscape, such as civil rights, immigration, and reproductive rights. Here’s a look back at more than 50 artworks we spotted on the metro Phoenix arts scene during the most recent election cycle — all with a political or social justice twist.”

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